Friday, October 31, 2008

Reversing Diabetes - One Solution?

Raw Foods - Reversing Diabetes

An Interesting Video on a possibility to explore the options that are otherwise considering it does or does not work. What are your thoughts on this possibilities? Is there a way that can work besides overdosing on Insulin or living life in pain?

Sounds like this could work what are your thoughts on this process, your ideas about solving the circumstantial or factual.

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Could this possibly be the solution to what has become the biggest issue besides the economy in society of today?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Obesity Now - Exploration & Explanation

To explore such a topic takes effort and time, and as an investment it makes good sense to do what you need to do. Obesity today, how apparent it has become and what are some possible solutions to make the quality decision to change, to focus forward in extending health.As well, urban sprawl means that people no longer walk or bicycle to their choice of destination, but drive.

People are working full-time jobs that force them to sit in front of a computer all day. Women, in particular, are entering the workforce and it is speculated that this new focus on career has led to obesity rates in women being higher than for men. Moreover, Americans today are lured into fast food restaurants by aggressive advertising campaigns. As well, urban sprawl means that people no longer walk or bicycle to their choice of destination, but drive. So in a society where food is abundant but physical activity is hardly encouraged, obesity can really blossom.
Professor House

These claims seems to be pretty uniform, each believes there is only two specific indicators of the cause of this epidemic of an overweight society. One of which is the balance or imbalance of Calories to Activity, whether there is more input then output is just another way to put it. There seems there is much more to the story. The most basic explanation is Calorie Input to Calorie Output, if there is no balance then it is possible to reach one extreme or the other. It really is dependent on the person.

Obesity today, a result of calorie overload and lack of exercise . The convenience of fast food, in a world that goes at twice the pace it once did. The ability to take your work with you no matter the place or location. The mobile workspace in the careers of today's new pace. This dependence on oil because, it has long been promoted that everyone should have a car and drive it everywhere. In times past, it was clearer that there was more options beyond that. Walking was a great way to get what you needed to pickup from the local stores. Today, for so many generations those simple facts were put aside and then promoted to get a car and drive like everyone else. This is one of the main reasons the active life has almost been forgotten. Interpretively speaking that can play a part in this epidemic.

It is easy to organize the information of this epidemic as it has been in the news many times over, the thing that is often not mentioned or promoted for that fact is that we each can make a change in that circumstance. Seems it could be a very simple process merely a matter of starting and continuing. Sounds simple doesn't it? It does because it really can be, and it falls in line with another article I am working on Alternative Transport where an excerpt can be found. It details the additional possibilities of stepping away from the car and explore alternates to burning gas that you can scarcely afford, and offers you other ways to both improve your overall life and exploration of the journey in living life fully and in it's entirety.

Now is the perfect time to make a change, in your life and your kids lives. To start taking steps it is merely a matter of exploring that article on Alternative Transport and following through on it. Beyond even that to start making a change you can just start taking the steps in the right direction, by understanding in the suburbia of today most things are in walking distance from your home so take those steps. Starting small and noticing the differences when you get back home. As you progress through those early steps. Continue by taking those same steps anytime you need to go to the store or pick something up. It will become easier as you continue and in each of those steps you are improving your overall health while providing an example for your children to follow, in that example they can also start making changes. In being the springboard by taking the steps yourself you make a wonderful difference, both in your own life expectancy and for those who follow your example. Each taking steps to explore the alternatives while improving your overall health and more years to enjoy.

As we each take steps we can help the other in improving overall wellness in the world today, and the excitement of a better world in the future ahead. It starts in the present, this moment, right now, to start taking the steps great things are bound to happen. The journey of success always begins with that first step.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tea & its Benefits

14-May-2002 - Long-term consumption of black, green or oolong tea can help strengthen bones, according to researchers from the National Cheng Kung University Hospital in Tainan, Taiwan.

People who drank an average of nearly two cups a day of these three tea varieties over a six-year period were shown to have a significantly higher bone density than people who did not drink tea, or who drank it in smaller quantities.

Writing in the 13 May edition of Archives of Internal Medicine, the researchers said they had surveyed 1,037 men and women aged 30 and older about their tea-drinking habits, as well as testing their bone-mineral density. They also accounted for other factors such as gender, age, body-mass index and lifestyle which could affect bone density.

Almost half of those taking part in the study were habitual tea drinkers, who had drunk tea on a regular basis for at least a year. Most of them drank green or oolong tea without milk, which contains calcium, itself used to strengthen bones.

Both green and oolong teas are common in Asia, although black tea is the more popular variety in the West. All three varieties come from the same plant, but are processed differently.

The researchers discovered that people who said they had consumed tea regularly for more than ten years had the highest overall bone-mineral density. In fact, their hip-bone density was 6.2 per cent higher than in non-habitual tea drinkers. Habitual drinkers over a six to 10 year period had hip-bone density 2.3 per cent higher than in non-habitual tea drinkers.

There were no significant differences between tea drinkers of one to five years and non-habitual drinkers. Similar results were found regardless of type of tea consumed.

The varying findings "may result from different study designs, inconsistent definition of tea intake categories and incomplete adjustment of the confounding effects of lifestyle characteristics such as exercise, alcohol intake and smoking", according to Dr Chih-Jen Chang, one of the study's authors.

He stressed that further research was necessary to discover whether it was in fact the flavanoids in tea which helped increase bone density, or whether it was other factors in the lifestyle of habitual tea drinkers which affected bone strength.

Enjoy Your Journey To Wellness: Further Exploration Coming Soon

Friday, April 11, 2008

Your Health! Important to You?

Are you concerned about your health? Do you ever wonder, what a difference good health would make in your daily existence? Would you like to become aware of health and how to maintain it if not improve it? I am sure each of you would answer the question the same. Health is important, with society the way it is today sometimes it can be difficult to follow what is prescribed. Perhaps you are just to busy working and raising children, or life is just chaotic. What could be a solution you wonder? Well you can start with riding a bike daily from work and back again. You can use that same bike to do your shopping, or general run around.

Perhaps a bike is just not your cup of tea, then another way to improve your health and get things done as well, is to walk to the store, most stores today are close by your home, and there are even some you can order online such as Safeway and there are more on the way.
If exercise is so important then why would I share that? I shared that with you because when you get your shopping done and out of the way, consequently you will have more time to take that leisurely walk, or that nice bike ride. Instead of jumping in the car, burning up gas, and dealing with traffic just so you can get groceries for the next couple days or perhaps the up and coming week. Whatever your flavor may be, or whatever it is you do for your menu, why not save that time and get some exercise instead. Walks can be a wonderful way to spend time with those you love. A way to get away from the television and get some air. A simple 30 minute walk on a daily basis can make a immense difference. The same for a bicycle, the main difference is you can travel further and get more of a thorough cardiovascular workout by taking that ride. The money you save using that bike will make your life so much better. The choice of course is up to you. Consider these tips, more to come, thanks for reading.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ride A Bike - Stay Healthy

It has been a time as it often is since I added an entry here. Not so much loss as of late but instead growth. Growth through ongoing improvement on writing, on formatting. I am the first to admit there is still much to work on ... to realize though that so much growth has occurred. Life's curve balls, home run for home run. I have updated my domain have grown for the better through analysis and improvement. The next step in this process is to get further information on health to you.

For now let us only mention the biking as a valid option. I have a blog dedicated to biking which can be found here and more in depth analysis here.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Existence Revised

In Relation To Existence as written: To Write is to exist

So much was planned for this day, lofty goals under ideal circumstances. To reach for the stars and grasp the moment. To write, in this life or the next, beginning today is better then starting tomorrow. To start to write expecting to finish, things change sometimes. As I begin the process of writing the plan was the same, follow through being the key to the lock of progress.

Though in all honesty nothing is ever that cut and dry or that simple. Proven on this day for as I begun searching for the topic, for the story to write in this moment, one particular item caught my interest, a short story, on vacation, the first thing coming to my mind was a trip taken back in January of 1999 for a wedding, a train trip, cross the country. The experience what a story it would make, a short story though. Well, it seemed to be a more appropriate novel consisting of in depth detail building on a character only as a persona in my mind. Such was the case a story based on experience, a character a thought in my mind.

Understand I was the only one from my immediate family who could make it to this wondrous event, the marriage of a sister barely a year older then myself. The prospect exciting, as well as intriguing. Was to be my first time to travel by train Cross Country, in the Winter of 1999. You know the supposed end of the world and all that.

I could bring in the new year in Florida at least that was the plan. Sorry to say it did not happen, but the experience did, perhaps in this coming year when 2009 comes about I will have the opportunity to enjoy a New Year in a different state then California. No offense to California I have lived here most of my life, born and dare say raised, in this great state of ours. To enjoy such a momentous occasion in a another place and time seems to be a wonderful goal to strive for.

To realize the fact that it seemed to be the right time, the near perfect moment. I had worked hard and had earned enough for such a undertaking from jobs I was working. I must admit the fact that really it was not that much money, though it was cash not credit, and it was worth just being able to attend both the bachelor party and the wedding and the events thereafter.

It worked out quite well though, one story, one creative event, simply put it was Quality over Quantity, a simple principle, sometimes the most difficult as it were to choose quantity over quality. The story was started but not finished this day. A great story is rarely wrote in one day. A masterpiece, should I be so bold to coin the term, takes much time and moments of inspiration put together over time. Besides for myself at least I tend to get frustrated for lack of activity even when writing. The initial plan you see had been to also ride my bike for the breaks between sessions in writing, with the rain falling upon the beaten ground it was decided that it would be better not to ride at least on this day. Understand that for me I work towards balance of work and play, a Libra that I be perhaps that is appropriate, seeks such balance in their life.

Certainly it is true I enjoy writing as I share my views on a daily basis, often the best writing done when you take the moments away to inspire. The time away allowing free movement of the thoughts and ideas as they relate to life and living, to the story at hand.

Simple as it may seem, it is not easy to write a story. It will stretch the mind, a hand may cramp, it is up to you and I to overcome those moments, to use them as fuel in your ongoing masterpiece that is life.

Write another chapter, finish one more sentence, complete just one more page, overcome the challenges faced in the race from place to place. Life's journey explored, experienced and made the best of, hit those curves beyond the gate, know the choice is yours alone not fate. It is up to you to make the best of your life, in the short time we exist in Father Times' great playground. Make the best of it, life lived to the fullest is truly life lived. Take the reigns and ride to enjoy the wonders of life's great excursion.

Thanks for reading ... and as always Forward Focus for life lived to its fullest.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Exercises that can be done at desk

Exercises done at desk, do them together.

The battle begins toxins and you, we shall come out victorious.

As writers who will often work at a desk looking upon a screen, it has been found that exercising at your desk on a regular basis, breathing deep and stretching opens the lymph system, which removes the toxins from your body enabling creativity to rule.

Through each movement remember to breathe deeply and slowly, stretch to the point of feeling a "release" though not to the point of pain. Make it a point to hold each movement for ten to thirty seconds, or more if it feels good. Take it slow,gently now. As your body becomes used to these stretches you will find you feel better and notice additional benefits each day. If someone decides to poke fun, have them join you.

Some of the stretches I have found to be quite effective are as follows:
Go for the stars.
Reach your arms up grab that star over there, and back as far back as you can safely go. Try grasping like your are trying to reach the moon.

Now stand up, about time you got rid of them toxins, reach one arm over your head and to the opposite side. Put the other hand to your hip or just along your side and reverse one side to the other.

Still standing lets reach for those toes, shoes off if possible, wiggle them a bit, your toes not your shoes. Bend at the hip and reach for them toes, knee bending is okay. From all that great stretching, lets loosen those shoulders, Lean the palms against a wall above your head, using your hip stretch out your shoulders and back. Feeling good yet? Great, lets move on, spin those wrists and ankles, round and round they go, rotate in both directions, alternate with opening and closing of the hand, a few times should be good note if you work at the keyboard this will feel great. Now you are all loosened up and feeling good, and them toxins are in remission but it gets better, knock those toxins out your life.

The neck, you ever thought how much stress can build there? Well try this, slow and gentle, as the neck is fragile, forward, back and side to side, and twist to look over each side. You feel the differences? Lets continue, the arms a primary extremity that is often part of all activity. Put one arm straight out in front of you, open palm and using the opposite arm pull it towards the other shoulder. Once that is done lets step up to the lower extremities, hips, quadriceps, and of course the back.

Momma always said sit up straight right, lets do what momma says for once in the following stretch. Sit up straight now, twist in your chair keeping your hips stationary, from your lower back to your head looking over the shoulder hold for 30 seconds or so and then the other side. You doing Momma proud.

Quadriceps, amazing how much these large muscles deal with, the toxins are still trying to find a base of operations lets make sure there is no place for them to hide. Stand up and be proud you are defeating toxins and you made your momma proud be happy. Now that you standing lets try this, You know like them ostriches do standing on one leg well try to be the ostrich alright? Or maybe you rather be like Daniel Son from Karate Kid? Whatever your pleasure, once you on that one leg pull the opposite leg back and towards your gluttonous minimus, as opposed to gluttonous maximus, your exercising right so makes sense to be minimus. Stretch that Quadricep for about 30 seconds or so and then the opposite leg. If you like to try a little something besides when in this stretch, bend at the hip to touch your toes while you stretch.

The hip, it is a diverse set of ailments that could occur here, seeing as your stretching though it can only help it, the toxins are running out of space they have been pushed back by this great set of exercises be excited and lets push them back even more there numbers are dwindling. Sitting in your chair cross one leg over the other so that your ankle rests just above the knee. While doing this lean forward to feel a nice stretch in your gluttonous minimus and your hip. Over time this singular activity offers to prevent lower back problems and sciatica. Amazing as it is, should be a regular part of the stretching routine and in the battle of toxins and you. Once you finish one leg move onto the other. Feel that? Thats good.

Down to the last of the toxin, who fought hard but because of this great article have been kept at bay. Well done, there is one more though to complete wipe them toxins out until tomorrow, A seated back bend, most feared and reviled of the toxin lore. Successfully used in the destruction of the toxins on a regular basis. Simple and effective, you on the edge of your chair yet? You should be ... put your arms in the air, simply reach up and back, one solid blow to the toxin but still standing strong. One more time still on the edge clasp your hands behind your back with arms pointing down. Roll your shoulders in towards each other and lean your head back. The final blow, well any one of these three can finish the job you choose which one, with a lean back char lift your arms in the air and lean back for a great stretch.

Well done the toxins are done, you have been awarded a metal of health, and a declaration that you have now taken the steps in bettering yourself, your health, your existence and helped alleviate the obesity in this country. Keep it up and a long life could be yours and the toxins will fear you.

Thanks for reading ..... Happy Holidays .... Come together we can defeat those toxins if we each do what is best for you.

Friday, January 25, 2008

2008 And It's Beginning

With 2007 in the past I was looking forward to a more exciting 2008, with not so much loss or pain. And for a bit all seemed to be doing well, until just today, well officially yesterday my grandmother, my lola, my grandma had a heart attack, that put her in an altered state, one in which she can only move here eyes and her mouth somewhat. With a tube down her throat to help her breathe. All seemed well until this evening when my uncle, my tito, had called the house to let us know the news. The possibility of death looming, and we should come see her tonight to make sure to see her if all goes bad, and she passes in the night. Once the news was clear we debated on who would go, as we have so many pets someone needed to stay here to watch them, well at least the kitten. She is a sweet kitten surely, but she also tends to get in to alot of trouble. After some decisions being made the consensus was that my sister would watch them while the rest of the family and I would go for the two hour ride to go and see my grandmother. To just see if she was conscious enough to respond to any inquiry we may bring.

As some of you may know from experience when a grandparent is in Intensive Care you should be concerned. She is fortunate to be alive surely but the question is what type of existence will it be come tommorow, or next week? Or will it be an existence at all? In the simplest terms in that situation is a time when you should be most concerned particularly with one you love so dearly as your Grandmother. She has lived a full life certainly all of 84 years and survived dialysis as defined in regard to liver, it has been said few survive after the first 5 years of dialysis, my grandmother on the other hand has been dealing with it for 10 years now. It can be said honestly she is a strong women, stubborn as all hell in life and in living. I am proud to say that I gained part of that via my mother but that is another story. As a strong woman, a survivor my grandmother has been through so much and came out all the stronger each time, it is safe to say if only in part she is my inspiration on the Focus Forward Project I have been putting together. It was tough to see her as she was but good to know that she is a survivor, I just hope for all the best for her and the family that I call my own that she survives this up and coming year.

The saying goes though, Expect the worst but hope for the best, a simple quote but so true in such a situation as this, I can hold in my heart that she will come out all the stronger but also must be prepared for the inevitable end to a life fully lived that left an impression on me and my family. Short and sweet, how you can define this post but I would rather use that same view as I remember my grandmother, my lola, and just hope that January 2008 is not the end but the beginning, perhaps of a different type of journey who knows?

Thanks for Reading

Updated: 012508 - 15:08:30
The cat scan took place this morning and the results were less then hoped for, apparently my grandmother after the heart attack and/or stroke, she has lost most of her organs, her liver is not working, her lungs are not working, and there has been some memory loss. It is unclear whether she will ever recover, and even if she is resuscitated, she may not be fully able to function. As sad as it may be the steps are being taken in preparation for here funeral. The time is unclear as of yet, when the funeral will take place but most of the steps are already in motion. It hurts, and it is sad, though expected even if it was not the ideal circumstance. So begins 2008, hopefully it will get better from here.

Thanks for reading

At exactly 1529 here in California my Grandmother passed away. May she rest in peace and in the freedom that being apart from the limitations of the human existence, in a better place where all is wonderful and perfect health. May she rest well as her memory will be forever recalled and the love for my Grandmother shall never die. Her memory will be strong in each of us who were so fortunate to be touched by her heart and her warmth. She will rest well and her memory forever vivid in my mind as well as in others. The inevitable, certainly death will find me also one day, I can only hope that I will be remembered as someone who cared so much as my Lola had been.

Thanks for Reading

Friday, December 28, 2007

Loss Experienced, Over a Happy Holiday

To realize this season, these last few months have been times of sadness, over thanksgiving a kitty dies, neck broken because got stuck in the gate, attempted to save yet it was to late. I did all I could at least I can say, as I had a number of a neighbor of mine who herself had 7 cats. So fortunate was that turn of events that she was even home, to at least confirm the sad fact that such a kitty lost, left before his first Christmas. Buried near a week later, in sadness and grief, yet I guess it worked out for the best, as we now have another beautiful kitty, a tortoise shell, very bright animal who will enjoy her first holiday season with us. So in grief I remember Fluffy G, in gladness I hold Mona in my arms and pet her soft fir as the lights have gone up and the holiday has arrived and she is still with us.

Recently my Grandfather, whom I had visited nearly two seasons back, right around the holidays no less, was around Christmas last I visited him, he seemed in good health at the time but apparently, much can happen in only a couple of years. He was a jolly fellow, a recovered alcoholic getting his life back together. The only situation about this particular experience is simply, the alcohol had already done the damage for all the time previous to his recovery. Though he seemed healthy, internally, the awareness remained and he was still suffering. I must give him the fact he was making the most of each day. He had passed just this 12th of December, just over a week before Christmas, and now only a memory can be said. And good times had. May Grandpa Bill Rest In Peace over this holiday season and the many more to come. Another book written the final chapter closed, my grandmother in law passed this morning just about 10a, lived a full life she did, to the tune of 89 years. Remarkable, truly she had many the experience in so many years. May she rest in peace as with the others lost this holiday season.

It seems in so many years, I have not had this experience before. My Grandmother in the hospital as well as my Grandfather, each up in there years after living their existence, got me thinking of the possibility that is clearly there. Of death and loss, so near, got me thinking of where I should go and what I should do in preparation for the inevitable. For this holiday season, as it may be the last I see of my Grandparents, I want to make sure, that I enjoy these moments now and not wait so long that the chance is never presented to say goodbye.The same I can offer to those who have dealt with loss in times of happiness, do all you can to be there for there last days. Six Months, One Year, Hard to say the exact time period so take care of things now not later. My father has often said to me, though stubborn I can be, Later Is Now you see.

Thank You for Reading ... Life is Full Of Challenges, grow from them, appreciate what you have now for it may not be there next year. The Happiest of Holidays I wish you, and an eventful New Year.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cycling for Health

You want long life right? You would rather exist for many years. So as such does it not make sense to take the time for a simple exercise such as bicycling? Offering up a wonderful workout and viewing things differently. Certainly the initial start up is rather steep dependent on what you are looking for. Once the bike is purchased the long term benefits becomes clear. A low impact exercise, the wind in your face and the views to see. To ride is to exist, and why not exist a long time?

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